About this Blog

I am excited to start work on this blog because I am excited about my focus – balance. I don’t write about balance because I live an ordered, balanced life, I write because I want to live an ordered, balanced life!!

Living Balanced Lives

I am, in no particular order:

  • a procrastinator supreme
  • a clutter-bug –let’s be honest, I’m a slob
  • a spender of money – usually more than I earn
  • a time waster
  • an addictive-natured person

On the positive side,  I am:

  • a faithful Christian
  • a volunteer at my Church
  • a volunteer in my Community
  • always early for any appointments, meetings, etc. –I know,this doesn’t fit the profile of a procrastinator, but I hate being late for anything!!
  • something of a techno geek –I love my mac, my ipad, my iphone, facebook, twitter, google+ – you get the picture.

My first post outlines how I finally woke up –I’m obviously a slow learner – to the imbalance in my life. Future posts will continue the journey of what works for me, what doesn’t work, how others have helped; in short, how I work on moving closer to a balanced life. I will share stories from my past, if useful, and I’ll share resources that work for me. I will also share some details of my family life, my Christian walk, and my blogging experiences (and what a learning curve that has turned out to be!). I will also share some of my interests – knitting, family history, reading, to name a few.

To begin, I will blog two to three times a week, but may revise that once I see what that means for the balance in my life. The last thing I want to do is cause more imbalance!

On the personal side, I am a 60-something wife, mother of three and grandmother of three (with a new grandchild arriving shortly). I work part-time at my Church as the Parish Secretary/Administrator and love it. Read more about my personal story here.

I look forward to sharing my journey and story with you. You can find me on facebook twitter, linkedin and google+.

Lynda Mee