Just Do It

Ok , so I’m doing it again – not the game playing, but the using one thing to procrastinate from doing the thing you should really be doing.

And what I’m doing is reading blogs, on twitter, Facebook, linkedin, and fine-tuning my own blog, all as a way of not actually “DOING IT“. I’m working at getting the blog ready, but how ready does it need to be? I think it’s time to either do it or let it go. And, I know that I don’t want to do that. So …

I need to:

Stop Wasting Time. I know that this learning period is good, but it’s amazing how much time can go by just doing those things listed above. On twitter you click on one post, which leads you to another and another and another – before you know it you’ve got a dozen windows open and have no idea how or why you got to number twelve. In my short time on the blogosphere I can see how useful social media is, but I have to budget the amount of time I spend on there.

Start posting to the blog regularly. I need to realize that each post isn’t going to be perfect, it isn’t going to interest everyone who drops by, but it has to be put out there. I know that part of this procrastination is due to how nervous I feel about ‘putting myself out there’, and I know that it just isn’t rational, because, in truth, not too many people will be reading these early posts, so what’s the big deal? That’s the big question!

Set up a Schedule. I need to decided how many times a week I want to post, and work backwards from there. Then, set aside the time needed to research, write, and revise ‘X’ numbers of posts per week.

Commit to that Schedule. Tell my readers that I will be posting on certain days and then DO IT.

For now, my mantra is “Just Do It”.

What do you do to when you know there’s something you should be doing, but it scares you to death?


My De-Cluttering Process – Tips to Prevent This From Happening To You

When I finally stopped playing facebook games,

(Let the Balance Begin)

I had time on my hands … a lot of time on my hands!

I had wanted to start decluttering my condo quite some time ago, but had put it off again and again, usually so that I could do what I wanted to do, rather than what I needed to do!

But now I was pumped. I had time on my hands and I was ready.

I worked away for a few days and managed to de-clutter several areas, including this area near the closet in my bedroom.


Check out this before picture …

Messy bedroom closet

… and this after picture. Great Progress eh!!

After the de-cluttering


But wait! Don’t get too excited and start to think that I actually know what I’m doing.


Finally, check out this after, after picture.

Clutter Mess


Clearly something went seriously wrong. To prevent this from happening to you try these three simple tips … they may work for you and save you doing the job twice.

1. If you haven’t worn it, used it or loved it for some time, then dispose of it

I know you’re attached to your stuff – I’m attached to mine, but if you are serious about de-cluttering, you have to let some things go. If you can’t let them go immediately, then put them in a box, set it aside, and look at the box again in a couple of weeks. You may feel more inclined to deal with the items after they have been out of sight for a while. At least you will have cleared them out of the cluttered area and can arrange items that you need or want to keep.

2. Give Every Item a Home of it’s own

It sounds simple, but if you’re just moving things around you are never going to move forward in this clutter battle. If you don’t have a home for the items immediately, then, again, put them in a box, this time labelled “elsewhere” or “not at home yet”- anything that identifies these items as still needing a home – and check the box again in a couple of weeks.

3. Nip the re-cluttering in the bud

This area didn’t get re-cluttered all in one day – it took some time. When the first items end up back on the chair, or on the floor, or wherever they shouldn’t be, move them back to where they belong, put them in a box, toss them out, but do not allow them to become the bottom of a pile of stuff.

I hope these three tips will help you when you see your home becoming cluttered again.  Please share methods you use to have un-cluttered home.


Let the Balance Begin

My name is Lynda and I am a FaceBook Gameaholic. My last game play was June 17.

All kidding aside, this has been going on for two years and I feel as though I have just come out of an all-encompassing fog and serious obsession. I was playing several games at a time, starting with Farmville and Farm Town, then moving into Café World, Frontierville, CityVille, with other lesser games coming and going during this two year period. I would get up in the middle of the night to harvest crops and earn lots of coin. I rushed home from work so that I could make my recipes and put more on the stoves to cook. Forget about cooking a real dinner; I was out of control.

And this wasn’t the fault of Face Book or the games themselves. The games are fun and there are literally millions of people playing the games and living fairly normal lives.

No, the fault was mine.

I couldn’t control the amount of time I played the games. If there were quests to complete, I had to complete them in the fastest time possible. I would spend hours planting crops on one game, then move over to another game to harvest other crops. It was completely my own fault that I was unable to control my time and be strict with myself about boundaries as to how long to spend on a game, how many different games to play at one time or when to finish for the night and go to bed!! It was an out of control obsession and I owned it completely.

There were up-sides to my game playing – I met several very nice, warm people on line who were always there to help me advance in my game playing, to send me a gift, water my crops, help build a barn, and so on. I have friends from all over the world, from Australia, Hong Kong, Denmark, England, the US and other parts of Canada. But it’s time to move on … if I must be addicted to something, and knowing me, I probably will be, it must something positive. Something that I can learn from at the end of the day.

The up-side to not playing the games is more positive that the up-side to playing. I have de-cluttered several areas I my house, I’ve tossed out three bags of clothes, shredded tons of paper and generally improved the look of my house by several degrees!!

While this is a new recovery, I have learned some things about myself and about time management in the process. Some may seem obvious, but it’s easy not to see the obvious when in the middle of an obsessive addiction. I hope to share what I’ve learned through the blog.

Hence, the blog. I’m not sure yet where it’s going, but I want it to have a positive effect on me and those who read it.  Imbalance in our lives come in all shapes and forms, and we all need to be deal with it if we want to live normal, productive lives.

Testing Posting to the Blog

I am realizing that there is a huge learning curve here and that I need to get more books and more information on how to effectively operate a blog professionally.