My De-Cluttering Process – Tips to Prevent This From Happening To You

When I finally stopped playing facebook games,

(Let the Balance Begin)

I had time on my hands … a lot of time on my hands!

I had wanted to start decluttering my condo quite some time ago, but had put it off again and again, usually so that I could do what I wanted to do, rather than what I needed to do!

But now I was pumped. I had time on my hands and I was ready.

I worked away for a few days and managed to de-clutter several areas, including this area near the closet in my bedroom.


Check out this before picture …

Messy bedroom closet

… and this after picture. Great Progress eh!!

After the de-cluttering


But wait! Don’t get too excited and start to think that I actually know what I’m doing.


Finally, check out this after, after picture.

Clutter Mess


Clearly something went seriously wrong. To prevent this from happening to you try these three simple tips … they may work for you and save you doing the job twice.

1. If you haven’t worn it, used it or loved it for some time, then dispose of it

I know you’re attached to your stuff – I’m attached to mine, but if you are serious about de-cluttering, you have to let some things go. If you can’t let them go immediately, then put them in a box, set it aside, and look at the box again in a couple of weeks. You may feel more inclined to deal with the items after they have been out of sight for a while. At least you will have cleared them out of the cluttered area and can arrange items that you need or want to keep.

2. Give Every Item a Home of it’s own

It sounds simple, but if you’re just moving things around you are never going to move forward in this clutter battle. If you don’t have a home for the items immediately, then, again, put them in a box, this time labelled “elsewhere” or “not at home yet”- anything that identifies these items as still needing a home – and check the box again in a couple of weeks.

3. Nip the re-cluttering in the bud

This area didn’t get re-cluttered all in one day – it took some time. When the first items end up back on the chair, or on the floor, or wherever they shouldn’t be, move them back to where they belong, put them in a box, toss them out, but do not allow them to become the bottom of a pile of stuff.

I hope these three tips will help you when you see your home becoming cluttered again.  Please share methods you use to have un-cluttered home.



  1. I feel you sister! This is my daily struggle with my darling husband. He is kind and loving and smart and a hard worker and ownderful in every way. Except he CANNOT put things back where they belong. There is a constant trail of dirty dishes, worn socks, bags, wrappers, books, papers, stamps, video game controllers, computer wires, keys, wallet, cell phone – AH! We’re working on it, me getting a little less too-clean and he a little less leave-everything-out-all-the-time. One of these days, we’ll strike a balance. :)

    • That’s right too … the balance of the two people living together!! I have the same problem, but he actually really thinks that he puts things away and that the clutter has nothing to do with him. We are both bad, but it seems to fall on my shoulders to fix it. Oh well … good job I love him!! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Lynda, I was so excited about this new post! Loved the concept of before and after pictures (and after that =D). I so know what you mean about clutter! I had to give up a lot of my things to move here to Peru because I couldn’t bring them all with me on the plane and having a decluttered life sure made me feel fresh and new! =) I try to set aside time each day to put everything in its place. It’s kind of a habit — when my partner and I wake up in the morning, he makes the bed and I put everything in their homes. =)

  3. Thanks Samantha … and it really is that simple, isn’t it? One makes the bed, one returns everything to it’s home and you’re done!! I don’t know why it’s so hard to follow that simple pattern. I have also downsized (not to your extent), but moved from a full-size family home, to a one bedroom plus a den condo, so I should have learned this stuff by now, right!!

    Thanks for coming back for another visit to by blog Samantha, I appreciate it. :)

  4. Simple indeed but sometimes, where our very own minds are clogged it becomes difficult. Still, we should do our best to keep things organized. After all, we will be the ones that will suffer in the end. :-)

  5. You are right Walter. We do suffer in the end, but I think when we’re so disorganized it’s hard to think that rationally. Thanks for commenting :)
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