Just Do It

Ok , so I’m doing it again – not the game playing, but the using one thing to procrastinate from doing the thing you should really be doing.

And what I’m doing is reading blogs, on twitter, Facebook, linkedin, and fine-tuning my own blog, all as a way of not actually “DOING IT“. I’m working at getting the blog ready, but how ready does it need to be? I think it’s time to either do it or let it go. And, I know that I don’t want to do that. So …

I need to:

Stop Wasting Time. I know that this learning period is good, but it’s amazing how much time can go by just doing those things listed above. On twitter you click on one post, which leads you to another and another and another – before you know it you’ve got a dozen windows open and have no idea how or why you got to number twelve. In my short time on the blogosphere I can see how useful social media is, but I have to budget the amount of time I spend on there.

Start posting to the blog regularly. I need to realize that each post isn’t going to be perfect, it isn’t going to interest everyone who drops by, but it has to be put out there. I know that part of this procrastination is due to how nervous I feel about ‘putting myself out there’, and I know that it just isn’t rational, because, in truth, not too many people will be reading these early posts, so what’s the big deal? That’s the big question!

Set up a Schedule. I need to decided how many times a week I want to post, and work backwards from there. Then, set aside the time needed to research, write, and revise ‘X’ numbers of posts per week.

Commit to that Schedule. Tell my readers that I will be posting on certain days and thenĀ DO IT.

For now, my mantra is “Just Do It”.

What do you do to when you know there’s something you should be doing, but it scares you to death?